DeLIGHTful Days

Praying this morning, I realized I felt bloated. More than one thing caused that feeling I discovered after pondering the reason for being bloated. I recently have been on an apples, chocolate, and oatmeal diet which honestly is not bad; but I had been eating too much of the listed foods. In addition, I had been cramming my brain with worries about the chance of returning to Lipscomb. It had created a feeling of heaviness and made me feel tied down. I instead should take my worries off myself, stop thinking I can be strong enough to deal with them independently and lift every single issue to my Father from above.

I am still working on accomplishing that goal, but I pray that praying more often about similar topics will create a lighter load on my soul. That is not being selfish! God is there to support us and reduce the slipping of faith, pain, and failures in all His children. The love he holds for us is far too great to see us struggle and do nothing. He will, at times, allow suffering. But he is testing is, not killing us!! He wants to see us fall on our knees, with our hands raised towards Heaven, and seeking guidance and answers only He can provide. The verse, Psalm 118:9, informs us “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in the princes.” For if we look for help in the wrong person(s) the situation will not change and we will remain confused and surely die with no happiness whatsoever.

Praising the Lord should become a common activity, similar to the way many young children pick their buggers instead of blowing the substance into some form of material for the job. With deliberate worship, the soul may feel light as a feather. Sooner than later, I might add. There are people that gripe about “life being too much” and honestly they have some validity to speak the phrase, but as I mentioned earlier, heaviness is created from being worried over life and not being dependent on God.

Society has tragically grown to encourage the message that “independence is the best idea” and that allowing the involvement and worship of Jesus Christ will result in negative consequences. The government currently in power has established a bit of distinctive influence on whether or not He is negative for growing children. Their power does not leave options open for the children. I know this section of the entry is not flowing with the theme of being light, but the government’s level of control does not make me very “light.” Nonetheless, prayer to the Almighty on this issue is what creates that light factor I am in dire need for.

With out a doubt in my mind, I know I am not the only human that struggles with ridding the fears and problems that creep into our lives. If you don’t already pray the most you can… Who does?… venture out of your comfort zone and pray a few more moments or minutes than usual. It helps! With the presence of God’s will you will stay strong among times of adversity.


Peace, hope, and love,

The friendly blogger, James






                                                            Christmas Celebration

Remember those days when you were a little munchkin pestering your parents about the possibility of opening just ONE present on Christmas Eve? Well, I sure do! I am witnessing first hand what that really is like as well. My young rascal of an awesome baby brother has been letting my parents and I know that today is the day before Christmas since he woke up this morning and our ears are getting sore from his excitement! That all comes with having the desire to be surprised with every other gift except the one he really wants to receive the night before the festivities begin for knowing and remembering what December 25th is really meant for.

What is the purpose of that day? For my family, it is spent smiling, eating more than the other days of the year, having a jolly time exchanging presents and best of all, praying in remembrance for God’s amazing gift to us of live and strength to move into the next year better suited for new struggles and afflictions that will undoubtedly come.

If life were a piece of cake, we would not need the companionship of God. Life obviously is not a cakewalk, which means that tomorrow should be dedicated to thank Him for his loving nature and overflowing compassion for us. Without him, we are but dust that has no influence and will surely be destroyed by nature’s wind. Praise is to Him, tonight, tomorrow and the future days.

Also, the idea of Santa Claus and the melodramatic scenes that are created in countries utterly destroys the soul dependence to God. He is the creator of merriment and love, not some fat imaginary man that is busy for 24 hours out of the entire year. I see more need to rely and believe in Him who is occupied developing relationships with every soul, both young and old. He is unchanging in every way.

Tomorrow and in the coming years, have recognition of the Holy Spirit mainly because He is great and deserves appreciation after what we have collectively done to Him.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE and “Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD! Praise the LORD!” –Psalm 150:6




Broken Perfectly

Most people today plan to live their entire life having what they need and usually expect those needs to be an iPhone, a loaded bank, and the best of the best for what they want. Well, let me tell you of a man that lives in China and has never had human riches since he was born. His family and people all over China know him as “the Heavenly Man” for his persistent belief and trust in God. He lived in prison for year after year struggling with torturing, starvation, and the sense of abandonment from the Heavenly Father.

When you wish you had eaten a few more of your favorite chips or wanted to sleep in for five extra minutes before a 10 am class, attempt to have a new perspective, one that is selfless and open minded to how other people have been. To live like Jesus, you are going to be hurt, hungry, tired, confronted by enemies and be push by Satan as that punk strives to crumble your plans and desires to walk in your Father’s steps. Having the determination to pray for Him is what hurts the Devil the most, so pray long and hard.

Moments will come on the road to Heaven where you feel shattered from the pressure of people that hate you for going against the crowd and disrupting their lifestyle of evil habits. Once again, that is what God has called us to do. His mission that He laid out for us is as follows (in my opinion): mess up the imbecile’s plans that do not recognize Him as God and keep your head up when being when in danger for spreading the Spirit’s word.

Becoming broken is not necessarily a step in the mission to convert your heart and others to be in hungry pursuit of Jesus. Unfortunately though, ending up that way occurs often.  I assume God’s smile is biggest after witnessing a child stand firm for believing in him in the presence of an enemy who is harmful and unhealthy to both their personal being and furthermore, His essence.

Below are some relational verses that may offer strength when living for Him:

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God” -Acts 14:22

“I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure.” -Psalm 16:8-9

“Mercy triumphs over judgment!” -James 2:13

“Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the Devil will pt some of you in prison to test you… Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”   -Revelation 2:10

“With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.”               -2 Samuel 22:30

Have a great day tomorrow and Merry Christmas!


Adventurous Soul


                                                         Adventurous Soul

After the splinter in the soul had begun growing there was no feasible way to remove it; for the knowledge that it was there was not in the mind. This splinter had multiple outlets of growth, which permitted much growth of the splinter. When the splinter had become such a mammoth of a nuisance in the selected soul, the soul’s threshold of pain had been reached and was no longer capable of living to the proper level of happiness that was needed to stay sane in the world currently manipulated from officials that did not root their faith in the Heavenly Father. If the soul desired to live a new life, which could only be altered by tweaking internal prospective, method of reaction to events that occurred, as well as personal ambitions.

If only the mission of change and escape from splinter’s reign was a reachable one, the torment would not be continuing. The only determination of imprisonment to said splinter came when memories that said soul remembered had brought agonies to the brim of the already full soul of horrid tragedies from precedent years.

For the soul to overcome any and every pain held inside due to the continuous affliction created by that one splinter, the discovery of a route was needed. One avenue that might achieve higher hope is not from the defeat of the splinter. However, rebuilding the concrete bond is to be firm only when shelter with the Father above has been established.

Having His authority to stand beside as the soul strengthens will create many opportunities of growth. Making a decision to visit India, Haiti, China, Austria or simply your hometown in efforts to spread wings and speak the word for Him is a great step towards what the Lord’s plan. After our soul has compassion for the Lord’s leadership and instruction, we should never loosen that personal desire to follow the Spirit of our heavenly Father, for that is the very beginning of being one with the Lord. Having courage, obedience, and the power to be happy with the worst conditions as the life you live unfolds, hour by hour and day by day, is what He truly seeks for in our souls.

Our soul will be connected to the Lord’s heart the day we love every enemy that is alive and exhibit gratefulness to the Almighty when we have nothing but Him, because that is all we need to live.