About James Weaver

I was brought to this Earth because God wanted me to be here. I am now on a mission that requires me to be selfless, cheerful, growing in Him (for myself and others). He knows that I will not succeed without Him and that I have the courage to live in the world He made. All is going to be well for those that love all, just as Jesus did.

No plan… no worries

As a new stage of life approaches, many questions are floating in my brain and spirit. I do not have the answers. That was unsettling initially but as the days go by, I am okay with not having all the answers to this life of mine and not having a plan takes away expectations to shoot for. I have ideas about what I can do but I have not set in stone what I will do because if I were to do so greater powers will surely come around and jumble them like eggs. A comforting fact is that people do not need a plan to live. Being aware and disciplined as we float about this world is useful because life is one heck of a journey with many mountains and gorges that take great effort to travel through. To make it to the other side we all need hope, friends, love, and plenty of rest and observation of beautiful nature.

Desiring to experience different areas of this world is in our blood. Cave folk who risked their lives traveling into the unknown were the ones who had a better chance of surviving in this “cruel” world. So grab your walking sticks, water, weapon of choice (love) and accept the unknown adventures of life. It is unpredictable; let’s keep it that way.


Beginning of self discovery

Life is a learning experience so there is no need to rush moments. Take time to savor what is happening right now, focus on feelings, friends, faith, and being happy the way things are because we do not have much control of what happens. Time to accept that and be aware that God, whichever God you believe in, has a better handle and understanding of the life being lived out than we do. A main reason people do not like the way life unfolds is because they feel they do not have control of the situation and they don’t. That is normal and necessary. In the words of Amy Watts, man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun. He is a believer of Buddhist principles therefore there are multiple gods that influence faith. Regardless, having fun is a vital part of gaining identity for without fun in the Garden of Eden I doubt that Adam and Eve would have had much spiritual and sexual unity. Life for God, gods, higher powers, etc does not call people to be constantly in pain or a state of uncomfortableness; more along the road of loving and connecting with like believers to spread the word about how the god they believe has kept them alive in incomprehensible ways for the human mind but for spiritual creatures the idea forms no issue. Peace creates peace and likewise violence begets violence; so during the adventure of personal identity, choose the narrow path no matter what society expects of you. That road will be challenging but along the way you will likely meet others of similar mission.

Who is the Hero?

Humans are not here to save the planet but rather to be messengers of our loving Creator and for that to be an option, listening must be involved. Additionally, receiving messages from God is a vital element and that can happen when our souls are open to feedback from the real Hero here on Earth. Military, police, government officials, firefighters, and other human protectors and servants of society are appreciated but there ability to help comes not from their physical strength but spiritual talents hand given by God. When opening the soul within us, the door to God’s power, love, mercy, and other Godly adjectives are potentially revealed on the physical plan of existence.
All things are possible through God who strengthens us so take up your spiritual shields and represent Godly principles among the world at war over peace provided now and denial of similar gifts.


This is my reflection from the post about 12 Things Happy People Do Differently 

                            Why We Should Be Happy and How To Do So, Simply

In order to become happier, people need to acknowledge that when they are personally appreciative of others and thankful about their everyday happenings, their happy meter will increase significantly. And there is noting negative about being happy in an evil world, which if you did not know, came from people who do not show thanks and content among other traits.

            As people live and experience wonderful moments as well as uncomfortably depressing situations, it is better to view each and every occasion as a blessing and not a challenge. That is not to mean that challenges do not exist in life for they certainly do.   When challenges are lived through, remember that hardships and pleasures are the necessary dichotomy that cannot be avoided throughout future days.

            Some people naturally critic themselves, other people, and general concepts. That is not beneficial though because the focus of time is deviated from the more useful ideas and motivations. It is much better to represent yourself among society as an equal and not visualize yourself on a hierarchy system where some people are better and some people are worse off than you. That way of thinking stimulates narcissistic behaviors and egocentric desires compared to helpful altruistic actions. When you catch yourself comparing yourself to other individuals in society, psychologically stop yourself and convert that mental energy to become a comparison of your current self to you past self. That is much more healthy. You are not acting like or even being a narcissist, but rather seeking improvement through self-examination.

            Beginning from the days of kindergarten and preschool, we as people were introduced with the concept of kindness. Yet today the local and world news is overflowing with contamination of evil and hurtful incidents where people shot their friend, people robbing banks, arson, and plenty of other intentionally destructive actions that fuel evil doing. Become a domino that topples over from kind behavior and the purpose who is directly effected will not be the only person effected after others witness that goodness committed. From one person to the next, good will continue.

            Very similar to the generic introvert, closely bonded relationships will allow happiness to thrive continuously and on a side note, studies show that people’s mortality rates are doubled when isolation is dominant in one’s life. That being mentioned, make efforts to communicate with other humans and seek deep relations beyond the simple, “Good morning, (insert name here)”. Those snippets of conversation are rather meaningless and do not create lasting and reliable friendships. If you live day to day with that routine, you are wasting God’s time. I am not intending to be harsh, authoritative, or rude. I am just wanting you to be informed because the idle are scolded, according to 1st Thessalonians 5:14, and people who are scolded do not often favor that consequence. God did not create us to be hermits. He wants us to live peacefully as a single community and blossom with happiness and unity for him and his purpose to be in relationship with all as Jesus went about doing in his time before the Pharisees and haters opposed his existence. People need to become bonded through a common interest, that being Jesus and his father.

            In the event of conflict, do not fear because with every conflict there is a resolution and following that people gain the ability to cope and overcome in a healthy fashion. That is a vital step in not becoming depressed from attempting to deal with overwhelming issues that cannot always be handled head on and alone. Relying on others during the act of coping is also useful.

            Please take a moment to imagine an average, non-industrial deflated balloon. Those can only has room for a finite amount of air. Now imagine somebody has decided to ignore the fact that balloons do not have a strong rubber wall and continuously increases the amount of air being pushed into the limited volume. At the point of maximum volume that balloon will explode, whether you like that or not. If could have the ability to transfer that analogy to the human mind, you may understand that a person’s limit of keeping emotions, good and bad, does have a ceiling to which emotions are not able to be contained and those emotions may incidentally spill over to individuals who care about the person containing the emotions. When that happens, people are in at a moment of social interaction where relationships may become weakened. That concern of may be eliminated in the future when people communicate internal thoughts and in the process offer forgiveness of hasty mistakes and useless habits. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. By that, Mahatma Gandhi probably meant that keeping moments internally contained when weakness and words of forgiveness should be brought to the surface is a act of true strength. That is pure speculation on my part.

            There are moments when people are able to funnel their undivided attention to a specific task and not become otherwise focused elsewhere. That will often take extreme will power to accomplish but humans are clearly capable of doing so. We just need to have self-control and reliance on the powers God gave us. Discovering those abilities will not happen in the hearts of the weak spirited but rather the people whose spirit is deeply connected with their Heavenly father. Naturally, for that to be possible, one needs to believe in a god or other higher deity. Which in of itself may be complicated because numerous people do not witness on a personal level God’s presence and love. His love is what literally what keeps the world alive.

            I recently watched Zombieland and despite the non-biblical language mixed in with sexual innuendos, there were life lessons that most people can apply to their lives. As the two protagonists, Tallahassee and Columbus traveled the states and killed zombies; they continually mentioned that life was about enjoying small bits of happiness. The little things collect, as do the raindrops in a gutter during a Tennessee thunderstorm in March. When you come across the little things in life, please pay attention to what happens and do not dismiss those events.

            A common practice to ensure that personal achievements are not swept under the rug is to have a to do list of what you want completed. Simply using a short hand notebook helps keep up with your valuable intentions. Repeating the act of jotting down thoughts leads to inspiring goals that then will become difficult to not accomplish because of the prior decision to stay committed. It is not healthy to become guilty when you have a mistake and do not perfectly meet your own standards. Instead, recognize that there will be another moment to pursuer that goal in your future. Stay dedicated to your cause, constantly.

            Spiritual growth is argued to be the most beneficial force in human life because it can give us great purpose and reason for being alive. There are creative ways to grow for God. Among those methods is the obvious prayer to live a better life, group devotionals, and fasting from something you do not have to have to continue living. That may be food, water, clothes, and other mundane possessions. There are more advanced paths in the process of becoming spiritually one with God. People devote time to live isolated from every person in effort to grow closer to Jesus and his Father. In addition, there are unique prayers that help live spiritually healthy, such as breath prayers. This form of prayer allows individuals to repeatedly pray a scripture that they may have memorized which effects their prayer life and clears the mind to better focus on Jesus, our savior. Acknowledging he is our creator and savior opens doors to meet full potential and accept our calling that God already believes we will accomplish. It is what he wants us to do.

            In the words of Dr. Lavender, if you do not take care of your physical self; you will also not take care of your mental and spiritual self. The triangle of body, mind, and soul should not be ignored. If one disregards the necessary upkeep of their spiritual, physical, and emotional being then God’s purpose is not being tended, as it should. Jesus instructed us to not neglect caring for the sheep of this world, but first we must take care of the shepard of the sheep. The idea that persistent physical exercise reduces depressive traits has been tested and shown that increase of happiness and therefore decrease of depression does result from maintaining a good physical workout agenda and not straying from it. That does not mean become a gym junkie but rather keep your body moving and limit the overall amount of electronic entertainment that happens. Habitual goodness is much more lively than having habits of bad activities. Strive to keep life simple for God. 

Good Will Hunting


Good Will Hunting 

With the best perspective in the heart, supportive members in the life being lived, determination to push through the conflicting events, and a goals to accomplish as well as a reason to accomplish them, nothing is out of the question of becoming possible. 

Prayer to God is naturally a fact for achievement. Just do not lose faith in His power and love for it is all too easy to do so. 

P.S. I am considering the discontinuation of my blog. 



Freedom Fighting


Freedom Fighting

“In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free.” Psalm 118:5

For the occupants of this entire world to live happily in the presence of God, continual practice of contacting others with Jesus’ story and spreading the Heavenly Father’s love and peace is necessity if this world is to be saved from the condescending attitude which has been nomadic. The travel assumably has not been haltered among the population.

That is dangerous for the ones who are determined in following the LORD and have confrontations with opposers of Him. We are given power of free will to have a life choosing the good or the negative decisions which are place in the path of the humans that were given life. Have the courage to chase the better choice, to be driven with kindness when interacting with others and have love for all because not all see the opportunity for freedom in this world.

“For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance– now that He has died as a ransom to set them free” Hebrews 9:15

Eradicating evil

Yes, I have not been keeping to my daily entries and for that I am somewhat sorry. I have been thinking about the next days and what should be written about. This next entry will be discussing how to rid evil from life or attempt to.


Eradicating Evil

I have to say this and also hate to say this. Every single person on this Earth is naturally born to have a combination of good and evil within their moral makeup. As children grow, they should be instructed by parent(s)/guardian(s) to practice the correct actions. Occasionally actions portray honest and considerate motives which are great moments to encounter. There will be times when people wear the mask of evil and do not have the best attitude.

The sooner you match up what God has planned for you in your heart while on this Earth, the sooner you change and alter the enemies heart. Enemies are on the top of the list for those needing to be saved. As well as politicians, actors, myself, family members, EVERYONE.

We do not have power to independently fight against what is wrong in this cruel and unsafe environment. Who has the power? The LORD does and trusting his power and leadership will provide what his sinning children are hopefully seeking.