No plan… no worries

As a new stage of life approaches, many questions are floating in my brain and spirit. I do not have the answers. That was unsettling initially but as the days go by, I am okay with not having all the answers to this life of mine and not having a plan takes away expectations to shoot for. I have ideas about what I can do but I have not set in stone what I will do because if I were to do so greater powers will surely come around and jumble them like eggs. A comforting fact is that people do not need a plan to live. Being aware and disciplined as we float about this world is useful because life is one heck of a journey with many mountains and gorges that take great effort to travel through. To make it to the other side we all need hope, friends, love, and plenty of rest and observation of beautiful nature.

Desiring to experience different areas of this world is in our blood. Cave folk who risked their lives traveling into the unknown were the ones who had a better chance of surviving in this “cruel” world. So grab your walking sticks, water, weapon of choice (love) and accept the unknown adventures of life. It is unpredictable; let’s keep it that way.