Beginning of self discovery

Life is a learning experience so there is no need to rush moments. Take time to savor what is happening right now, focus on feelings, friends, faith, and being happy the way things are because we do not have much control of what happens. Time to accept that and be aware that God, whichever God you believe in, has a better handle and understanding of the life being lived out than we do. A main reason people do not like the way life unfolds is because they feel they do not have control of the situation and they don’t. That is normal and necessary. In the words of Amy Watts, man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun. He is a believer of Buddhist principles therefore there are multiple gods that influence faith. Regardless, having fun is a vital part of gaining identity for without fun in the Garden of Eden I doubt that Adam and Eve would have had much spiritual and sexual unity. Life for God, gods, higher powers, etc does not call people to be constantly in pain or a state of uncomfortableness; more along the road of loving and connecting with like believers to spread the word about how the god they believe has kept them alive in incomprehensible ways for the human mind but for spiritual creatures the idea forms no issue. Peace creates peace and likewise violence begets violence; so during the adventure of personal identity, choose the narrow path no matter what society expects of you. That road will be challenging but along the way you will likely meet others of similar mission.


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