Eradicating evil

Yes, I have not been keeping to my daily entries and for that I am somewhat sorry. I have been thinking about the next days and what should be written about. This next entry will be discussing how to rid evil from life or attempt to.


Eradicating Evil

I have to say this and also hate to say this. Every single person on this Earth is naturally born to have a combination of good and evil within their moral makeup. As children grow, they should be instructed by parent(s)/guardian(s) to practice the correct actions. Occasionally actions portray honest and considerate motives which are great moments to encounter. There will be times when people wear the mask of evil and do not have the best attitude.

The sooner you match up what God has planned for you in your heart while on this Earth, the sooner you change and alter the enemies heart. Enemies are on the top of the list for those needing to be saved. As well as politicians, actors, myself, family members, EVERYONE.

We do not have power to independently fight against what is wrong in this cruel and unsafe environment. Who has the power? The LORD does and trusting his power and leadership will provide what his sinning children are hopefully seeking.





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