DeLIGHTful Days

Praying this morning, I realized I felt bloated. More than one thing caused that feeling I discovered after pondering the reason for being bloated. I recently have been on an apples, chocolate, and oatmeal diet which honestly is not bad; but I had been eating too much of the listed foods. In addition, I had been cramming my brain with worries about the chance of returning to Lipscomb. It had created a feeling of heaviness and made me feel tied down. I instead should take my worries off myself, stop thinking I can be strong enough to deal with them independently and lift every single issue to my Father from above.

I am still working on accomplishing that goal, but I pray that praying more often about similar topics will create a lighter load on my soul. That is not being selfish! God is there to support us and reduce the slipping of faith, pain, and failures in all His children. The love he holds for us is far too great to see us struggle and do nothing. He will, at times, allow suffering. But he is testing is, not killing us!! He wants to see us fall on our knees, with our hands raised towards Heaven, and seeking guidance and answers only He can provide. The verse, Psalm 118:9, informs us “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in the princes.” For if we look for help in the wrong person(s) the situation will not change and we will remain confused and surely die with no happiness whatsoever.

Praising the Lord should become a common activity, similar to the way many young children pick their buggers instead of blowing the substance into some form of material for the job. With deliberate worship, the soul may feel light as a feather. Sooner than later, I might add. There are people that gripe about “life being too much” and honestly they have some validity to speak the phrase, but as I mentioned earlier, heaviness is created from being worried over life and not being dependent on God.

Society has tragically grown to encourage the message that “independence is the best idea” and that allowing the involvement and worship of Jesus Christ will result in negative consequences. The government currently in power has established a bit of distinctive influence on whether or not He is negative for growing children. Their power does not leave options open for the children. I know this section of the entry is not flowing with the theme of being light, but the government’s level of control does not make me very “light.” Nonetheless, prayer to the Almighty on this issue is what creates that light factor I am in dire need for.

With out a doubt in my mind, I know I am not the only human that struggles with ridding the fears and problems that creep into our lives. If you don’t already pray the most you can… Who does?… venture out of your comfort zone and pray a few more moments or minutes than usual. It helps! With the presence of God’s will you will stay strong among times of adversity.


Peace, hope, and love,

The friendly blogger, James




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