Christmas Celebration

Remember those days when you were a little munchkin pestering your parents about the possibility of opening just ONE present on Christmas Eve? Well, I sure do! I am witnessing first hand what that really is like as well. My young rascal of an awesome baby brother has been letting my parents and I know that today is the day before Christmas since he woke up this morning and our ears are getting sore from his excitement! That all comes with having the desire to be surprised with every other gift except the one he really wants to receive the night before the festivities begin for knowing and remembering what December 25th is really meant for.

What is the purpose of that day? For my family, it is spent smiling, eating more than the other days of the year, having a jolly time exchanging presents and best of all, praying in remembrance for God’s amazing gift to us of live and strength to move into the next year better suited for new struggles and afflictions that will undoubtedly come.

If life were a piece of cake, we would not need the companionship of God. Life obviously is not a cakewalk, which means that tomorrow should be dedicated to thank Him for his loving nature and overflowing compassion for us. Without him, we are but dust that has no influence and will surely be destroyed by nature’s wind. Praise is to Him, tonight, tomorrow and the future days.

Also, the idea of Santa Claus and the melodramatic scenes that are created in countries utterly destroys the soul dependence to God. He is the creator of merriment and love, not some fat imaginary man that is busy for 24 hours out of the entire year. I see more need to rely and believe in Him who is occupied developing relationships with every soul, both young and old. He is unchanging in every way.

Tomorrow and in the coming years, have recognition of the Holy Spirit mainly because He is great and deserves appreciation after what we have collectively done to Him.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE and “Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD! Praise the LORD!” –Psalm 150:6



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