Adventurous Soul


                                                         Adventurous Soul

After the splinter in the soul had begun growing there was no feasible way to remove it; for the knowledge that it was there was not in the mind. This splinter had multiple outlets of growth, which permitted much growth of the splinter. When the splinter had become such a mammoth of a nuisance in the selected soul, the soul’s threshold of pain had been reached and was no longer capable of living to the proper level of happiness that was needed to stay sane in the world currently manipulated from officials that did not root their faith in the Heavenly Father. If the soul desired to live a new life, which could only be altered by tweaking internal prospective, method of reaction to events that occurred, as well as personal ambitions.

If only the mission of change and escape from splinter’s reign was a reachable one, the torment would not be continuing. The only determination of imprisonment to said splinter came when memories that said soul remembered had brought agonies to the brim of the already full soul of horrid tragedies from precedent years.

For the soul to overcome any and every pain held inside due to the continuous affliction created by that one splinter, the discovery of a route was needed. One avenue that might achieve higher hope is not from the defeat of the splinter. However, rebuilding the concrete bond is to be firm only when shelter with the Father above has been established.

Having His authority to stand beside as the soul strengthens will create many opportunities of growth. Making a decision to visit India, Haiti, China, Austria or simply your hometown in efforts to spread wings and speak the word for Him is a great step towards what the Lord’s plan. After our soul has compassion for the Lord’s leadership and instruction, we should never loosen that personal desire to follow the Spirit of our heavenly Father, for that is the very beginning of being one with the Lord. Having courage, obedience, and the power to be happy with the worst conditions as the life you live unfolds, hour by hour and day by day, is what He truly seeks for in our souls.

Our soul will be connected to the Lord’s heart the day we love every enemy that is alive and exhibit gratefulness to the Almighty when we have nothing but Him, because that is all we need to live. 



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